Spiritual Mentor Readings:

How does life seem where you are at now? Where do you feel you need to grow? Where

does it feel stagnate and not happening as you would like or need?

Sometimes ‘who’ we are currently being energetically, is what can be restricting us. We understand that this can be frustrating, however we also know that this can be changed.

The Skype sessions we do are a combination of clairvoyant and spiritual healing, that

addresses topics from an energetic angle. During the session, we will clarify what is standing in your way, what needs to shift and how to shift it.

Work with me.  I am grateful to see the growth and changes happening within the lives of the clients, I look forward to being of service to you.  We will reconnect you with your innate powerful potential for happiness, success and loving relationships.

The best time for new beginnings lovely soul is now.


A Clairvoyant spiritual mentor reading via skype: $125


During your session, I use my spiritual gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and Clair cognizance, to connect with the Archangels, ascended masters and your guides to bring through step by step processes to use and meaningful messages on how to move forward on your life path.

House healing treatment and blessing

On skype $100


In person $150


A house healing treatment clears your home of spirits, negative beings, and anything dark and low vibrational. When the treatment is complete, spiritual protection is placed around your home to protect the work that has been done.


Work place clearings and blessings

Via skype $120


In Person $150


A business healing treatment clears your place of business of spirits, negative beings, and anything dark and low vibrational.  This treatment applies to all types of businesses such as office or retail store and the like.  A business can pick up many undesirable beings and disrupters which this clearing addresses.


Spiritual healings $100. Via skype


My Spiritual Healing method is one of clearing and removing problems within the energy system. As directed by the healing team I may need to review your past lives that are triggering present-day issues. This is a unique method of spiritual healing that does not require hands-on application. I apply a variety of clearings and adjustments to your energy system.